Armanoth the Dracolich: A black dragon from a distant land. He was enveloped in the mists and brought to the land between. He attacked villages at random. One day he saw a weary tired lich and decided to have some fun with him. He fell right into the Giggles’s trap and was immobilized. The lich killed him swiftly but that was only the beginning for him. The Lich raised him from the dead, not as a mindless corpse, but as a Dracolich and now guards the Lich.

Arsehead: He’s a reincarnated necromancer that once dwelled in Giggle's soul. His devoted followers tried to bring him out and destroy Giggles, but instead was killed and reanimated as Giggles number 2 guy.

Chu Ku’tal: They are led by the half-orc Banith.  He is now in possession of Isg’Bel’s Scepter, a symbol of power to the orcs. They’ve taken over the Jovian city and renamed it Moruliima.  It’s a safe place for those who would be called “Evil”.

Dark Father: Rumors and whispers have begun to surface of the return of someone called the dark father.  Some say he his the ruler of the underworld and has great power. 

The Fallen: Lead by the Lich Giggles, they are the elite undead army.  It takes about twenty lives to make one and even before then they are handpicked by Giggles himself. They retain all of their previous knowledge and are able to command his undead hordes in his stead but are not able to hide them in any form. They are covered in undead armor that is as black as the rotten blood that flows through them.  Their exact numbers is unknown but with Giggles spreading their numbers continue to slowly grow.

Jovian Remnant: The Jovians that survived the attack of the Chu Ku’tal fled to the east coast.  They’re led by the former General Karth.  They seem to just want to survive, but any future intentions are unclear.  They are a proud society and they’ve suffered great loss.  I doubt we’ve heard the last of them.

Raze: Is a Dark Elf, he uses stealth and guile to slice through enemies. He was an agent of Grish’nak’s until his defeat.  Since then he’s gone into hiding.  Raze is rarely seen, if you see him, you'll probably be dead soon. Latest rumors are that Raze rules the dark elves that live in the deep caves and no longer sides with anyone.

Azule(Dead): A vicious troll chieftain commanding the troll army in the South.  Azule is commanded by Grish'nak.

Cyrus Black-Cloak(DEAD):   After a short time of peace in the beginning of the Third Age Cyrus the Necromancer led legions of undead, hidden in the caverns of the Iron Mountains he would scorch the Southern Reaches and send trolls to bombard the walls of Aethenu's castle, in which they failed.  In the end he was killed by Dhugal the Ravenheart in single combat.  Cyrus's forces were forced back into their caverns and never heard of again.

Grish'nak(Dead): Direct descendant of Izg'bel, Grish'nak the orcish warlord has made an oath to destroy all that appose him.  He commands an unknown number of legions of orcs, dark elves and many other evils.  Grish'nak was killed by King Oron of Pentwyvern.

The Jovian Empire: The city of Jove morphed into the side of the Iron Mountains. Its spire could be seen for miles.  Their armor was blood red and they were many. Emperor Dracus Thrawn ruled The Jovians they almost came to power in the Land Between.  General Shatar took over Mittelmarch.  Allies and old friends joined together to take Mittelmarch back.  Shatar was killed in the battle.  This led to the Thrawn attacking Dunland and ended in the fall of the Jovian empire and the death of Thrawn.  Several of the Monster races took advantage of a defenseless Jove and sacked the city.  Jovian survivors fled the city and are in hiding.

Karn(Dead): A demon that delights in chaos and destruction is known for being unstoppable in open field combat. He has been seen in the south and was responsible for destroying the walls of Mittelmarch.  Karn was on the run when he was found by his once slave, Oof.  Oof struck him down freeing himself of Karn’s control.

K'nar Bloodhoof(Dead):  He is Telemachus's muscle, a minotaur of great strength.  He was slain at the hand of the Hithdorian Knights of Eryndor.

Targis(Dead): Necromancer for Grish'nak, he leads an undead legion in the North.

Telemachus(Dead): Once powerful and cunning warlock that served Grish'nak. After Grish’nak’s fall he found a source for ultimate power through a portal to the land of Eryndor, but failed costing the life of K’nar.  He finally came out of hiding when the Jovians arrived.  He desired Isg’bel’s scepter.  With help from Cathan and the Azoth gate they ripped the demon Amon out of the realm of hell and he stole his power and became Telamon.  He had formed an alliance with the new Orc Warlord Banith, but would be betrayed by the Orc.  With the help of Banith and Tatsumura Masamune, Elvin Queen of Artanor, Lady Elestirne, that defeated Telamon.  Masamune presumed dead, has not been seen since the battle.

The Warband(Gone): This visceral group of Vikings found their ship lost in the mist and arrived on the West Coast of The Land Between.  Their numbers could be near a hundred, but we don't know for sure.  We do know they are lead by one called Haldour.  Many were routed, but are still at large.  Some suspect they’ve escaped back to the sea.



Izg'bel(Dead): The Orcish sorcerer Izg'bel had built his mighty fortress around the springhead of the River of Flame, and drawing upon its magical power, she reshaped the world in her image.  For many years and centuries did she reign immortal from her iron throne, but in time the spirit of the Land itself revolted against her, destroying both throne and fortress in an earth-sundering cataclysm.


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