Andin Greystorm: Founder of Rivendell, this brave elf made the journey to Mittelmarch through the Black Door to teach us Elvin craftsmanship and the art of battle.  Without his kindness and wisdom there may never have been a Mittelmarch.

Alric, son of Harland: Once Leader of the Clan of the Wolf, this Visigoth unified the people of Mittelmarch.  He has now moved to Stormhaven to find fighters to help protect the Land.

Baethor Thunderblood: This dwarf has pledged his life in service to Mittelmarch, and has fought through the Orc Wars, the Jovians and the Fallen.  He also lead the building of the Mittelmarch and designed it's fortifications.

Bishop: Leader of the Legion of the Dragoons, a mercenary group found in the harsh conditions of the Northern Steppes.  They've been known to aid many against the evils of the Land.

Dhugal/Ravenheart (Dead): Raised by ogres, a Celtic warrior from Fangorn Forest , known for slaying Cyrus Black Cloak. Once leader of Dobharchu Donn in the Southern Reaches. 

Duc Daemont D'Marques (Missing):   This Frankish Nobleman brought tradition and history to the Lands during the dark times of Cyrus until one day he mysteriously disappeared.

Dunland: Lord Anvil and Lady Thistle brought a force with them not to just aid Mittelmarch in taking the keep back from General Shatar during the Jovian War, but to save their kidnapped daughter Amylis.  This did not come without sacrifice.  Anvil was severely wounded during the battle, but not before turning the tide of the battle with well placed arrow shots that led to the death of General Shatar.  Anvil and Lupus slew Emperor Thrawn at the Battle of Gladden Fields and The army of Dunland finished off the majority of the Jovians.

Lady Elestirne: The Elvin Queen of Artanor, sheís aided Mittelmarch in stopping Telemachus coming to power.  Sheís also helped during battles with her healing powers.  Her Elvin warriors helped pad our numbers during times of need.

Furey: Scottish Lord of Aethenu, he rules his lands with passion and honor.  His whole kingdom was ripped from its place and brought to the Northern Lands.

Isen Ehtar:   With his dwarven companion Theodric, Isen re-birthed the shadowy unit of the Crimson Fang that currently aid in protecting the Land.

Istvan: Karn attacked Mittelmarch and was seeking the pieces of Bloodhoof in hopes to resurrect him.  We were pinned down in the castle, nearing defeat, until Istvanís forces came at the precise moment to buy us the time we needed. Istvan hales from the Kingdom of Dragonspire. He dawns a green tabard and a red dragon holding a spear.

Nichtmar: An ogre, a knight, a dragoon, and a General of Mittelmarch.  He came from the wilds of Torranmar and has become a leader among the different races of Mittelmarch.  He formed the council for when his time comes, they will be ready.

Oof: Once an enemy of Mittelmarch, this hill giant served under Karn during the Orc Wars.  He was under a spell by Karn, but that spell was broken when Oof fought back and hunted and slayed the demon.

Oron the Wolf: Oron has seen many battles, places and things that most others will never experience.  He would spend a great deal of his life as a Viking, surrounding himself with men that would die for him, and now he is the King of Pentwyvern.  Mittelmarch was honored to have him come and train many of our fighters and give hope to our growing realm.

Rook: A human from parts unkown.  His skill with any weapon or without has kept the lands of Mittelmarch safe for long before the Fall of Grish'nak.

Rune: The most dangerous hobbit you'll ever run across.  He's been defending Mittelmarch since the Orc Wars.  He is a knight  and he keeps the guard practiced and ready for battle.

Senegalís Finest: We do not know how, but the mist brought the Senegalís ship down the River of Flame and blasted into combat with Karnís forces.  Avias, Sindaric and Adeus with blades in hand came to our aid and defeated Karnís forces.

Taos Levanon (Missing): Taos was the Commander of the 51st Levanon Swords, one evening during his rest he awoke here in the Land Between the Lands.  He made Mittelmarch his home, and he would help continue Duc Daemont's work with researching & keeping the history of the Land.  Taos shared Daemont's fate and disappeared during a recon mission.

Zaron: Half elf and half Visigoth, Zaron stepped up as Steward of Mittelmarch, if the mists did not bring him here, he sure would've been among the highest ranks in the Elvin Royal Guard.   His balance of honor and fierceness is something to aspire to.

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