Kanthea, a once barren region found some wanderers scouring across this foreign land in search of a new home. The settlers split into three groups and went off in search of a place to build and start their new home at. After Toiapi City, the capitol, starting gathering alot more people and creatures, it branched from there. 

There were many battles constantly being fought between kanthea and the Borderlands. The borderlands were the outer boundaries that housed Orcs, goblins, giants, ogres, and more barbaric creature races. Soon the battling took a tole and raiders from the north began to push the settlers out of the area until Lord Nyteclaw rose up and drove back the invaders. 

Trade Routes were setup with Mittelmarch and StormHaven to bring exotic goods and supplies to this once barren land. It thrives off the energy of young people and the desire to change what cannot.

Upon further examination of the land and discovering a Pub in the mountains that had been there for almost 500 years, owned by a famous dwarf by the name of IronBlood and an elven community that was there since the beginning. Food and Wine were an essential part of this area, so finding fresh meat was always critical to the survival of this region. While hunters went out in search of food, they found races of catfolk roamed the very stretches and plains and forests here.

Thieves and Assassins have begun to show their colors, death toll is getting higher and higher. The barbarians from the north are invading the border cities weekly. 

Terraforming of the land is almost complete, until Giggles the Lich showed up and stirred the dead to rise and destroy what we worked so hard to build, when he thought he was going to take Mittelmarch we fought back against him and made him weak enough to let kanthea go. Now trying to create the land into a work of art will take time. 

Meanwhile, helping the other nations will always be a perogative of this Region.

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