History of Mittelmarch

Mittelmarch is near the Iron Mountains, located near the middle of the Land Between the Lands. The Lands have areas of mist that will transport you to and from other realms. That is why there is a variety of people, races and beasts that are found here.

Little is known of the First Age, it was said men and few other races lived here, and there was a great war with the orcs of the White Fang. The Good was wiped out. This led to a dark Second Age when the Orcish sorcerer Izg'bel ruled and would eventually be destroyed by a great cataclysm that would crush his lair and army under the Iron Mountains.

In the Third Age of Mittelmarch there was a long time of peace. Alric and his group of Visigoths would make Mittelmarch their home. It was a simple place of mostly farming land and wooden guard towers that formed a circle around the peaceful village. Eventually this peace would be threatened by a variety of enemies.  We built walls of stone that still protect us to this day.  Enemies like Grish'nak and the Jovians have spilled plenty of Mittelmarch blood, but we've overcome all our enemies. Now and always we fight for the Glory of Mittelmarch!

by: Nichtmar


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