Isg’bel’s Scepter

This scepter belonged to the orc scorcer Isg’bel.  Its creation is unknown, but it was used during the Second Age to wield great power.  It was lost when Isg’bel’s Fortress crumbled under the Iron Mountains.  It has recently been found.  It could give its bearer great power, if they knew how to use it.

In Combat Rules:

1.  Wielder bangs pommel to the ground and shouts “Fall!” and all enemy fighters within 10 feet drop to their knees for 10 seconds (can’t over use)

2.  Throws rocks that do black damage (Must yell “Fire!” when throwing)



Azoth Gate

An Azoth Gate is a creation of Demon alchemy.  It’s a red crystal shaped like a ring.  There’s only one Azoth Gate we know of in this land.  It once belonged to the Demon Karn to travel from realm to realm.  He would have to consume souls to power it.  It’s also believed that it can be powered by great magic.  In RP it can be used to create portals to travel instantly, but you need to power it with souls.  I need not tell you this an evil device, so be warned.

In combat Rules:

1. Can be thrown, does black damage (Must yell “Fire!” when throwing)

2. Only wielder designated at the beginning of the battle can pick up


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