The Stranded

Those who venture through the mist do not always have a past, they do not always have a lineage, but they do have a purpose. They might be mercenaries or demon slayers, or even barkeeps that now must fight to survive. The mist can be a very, very dangerous place for those who travel alone.

Those who have no home or have been exiled from their homes began to meet and form into one. A family of families and an order of survival. They formed together to not only protect the new land of Mittelmarch that they call home, but to conquer their own personal demons and to wage war against the enemies that seek to destroy the lives they have created from themselves.

The Eldest Nova, with a vendetta against a great swarm of demons that had cut a swathe through his old home, his family and his life, ventured through the mist to find help and one by one, First Herz'ag, then the mainlanders, then the orphanlanders on the outer reaches of Mittelmarch, more came to answer his call. He promised them the adventure that some sought, the wealth that comes with this fame, the resources to solve their own crisis', and most importantly a home. Now as the new age of Mittelmarch begins, the Stranded shall venture out and rid the world of its malice's. Good or Evil.


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