Code of Conduct

Mittelmarch aims to ensure a safe, open, and welcoming environment for all participants. As such, the following actions are prohibited at all Mittelmarch activities:

1. Acts or threats of physical violence beyond the rules and set boundaries of combat.

2. Abuse, harassment, or any violations of local, state, or federal law of any kind.

3. Unwelcoming behavior including, but not limited to, inappropriate physical contact, unwanted sexual attention, offensive verbal comments, deliberate off-field intimidation, stalking, and disrupting talks or activities.

4. Discrimination based on race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, or citizenship.

5. Intentionally or repeatedly failing to follow the rules of combat.

6. Destruction or theft of property belonging to others.

7. Hate speech or affiliation with a hate group as identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Possible corrective actions for violating one or more of the items on the above list include a verbal warning, a recorded warning, or immediate expulsion from the related activity or event. Every Event Official must acknowledge any violations witnessed or brought before them. Failure to do so or falsifying records about a violation may result in corrective action. Mittelmarch reserves the right to suspend or ban a participant from all related activities for any of the above actions, and can set the length of said suspension or ban for any amount of time they deem appropriate.

If an individual is subject to or witnesses any incident that violates this Code of Conduct, it is encouraged that they point out the inappropriate behavior to the persons involved. Often this will solve the problem immediately. If this does not resolve the issue or the individual does not feel comfortable addressing the incident themselves, the incident should be reported with in as much detail as possible to the Event Staff or a Chapter Official. If an individual is not comfortable coming forward the moment the incident occurs, they can provide Chapter Officials with details of the violation online via email ( or Facebook messenger. Mittelmarch will take all reports seriously regardless of which method is used.