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Alric, son of Harland

Race: Human (Visigoth) Favorite weapon style: Sword and Shield Unit: None

Once the leader of the Nebelleute, the clan of Visigoths who founded Mittelmarch, Alric went missing during Year 5 while traveling home from Stormhaven.

Race: Elf  Favorite weapon style: Bow and Arrow Unit: Defenders of the Land

Daughter of Anvil and Thistle. Was adopted after Anvil found her sister and her after her camp was killed and raided. Amalys decided to learn how to fight to help her father protect their home and to get revenge on the monsters who killed her camp.

Race: Human Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Story unknown

Race: Human (Pict) Favored Weapon Style: Sword and Board Unit: Defenders of the Land

Anvil and his wife Thistle moved to the lands after adopting 2 elven children they had rescued. Thistle's father knew of the mist and had shown Anvil a vein of ore in the mist he used to make his famed weapons with. After settling in Dunland he and his family have worked hard to secure the land and make a comfortable life for themselves.

Anvil is currently Commander of the Defenders of the Land.

Arashi Okami

Race: Human Favorite Weapon style: Red Unit: Tou Fuu Shogunate

On a journey to purify the demon inside her, Okami has join the Shogunate as the Guard for the Shogun. Using the samurai training learned through her father, Shogun of Kansai region, she fights with honor along side the other damiyos of the Tou Fuu Shogunate.
Baethor Thunderblood
High Guard
(Masteries: Blue and Shield, Red) (Tests Completed: Single Blue 2vs1)

Race: Dwarf Favored style: Sword and board, red, single blue. Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Baethor has lived in MM for many years, and has survived many tragedies. The last of his clan, Baethor has made his home in MM and has pledged his life to it's defence. Though he is often seen watching the stars and the distant mountains, searching for something more.

Race: Bugbear Favorite Weapon Style: Sword & Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Brom is a bugbear who got lost in the mist looking for his next meal...what he found was a land full of comrades, food and plenty of fighting.


Race: Half-Dwarven Favorite Weapon Style: Sword & Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Carneth was a promising young Captain in the Guard of Stonehollow, where he was born and raised. After disobeying direct orders in an attempt to save lives (and losing more in the process), Carneth was exiled from his home. He found and studied under a dwarven smith named Azrak, who took Carneth in as an apprentice. Before he was able to complete his training, however, Carneth was pulled into the mists.

Cathán Neamhnaofa
Assassin (Masteries: Florentine)

Race: Half Demon Favorite weapon style: Florentine swords or maces Unit: Brotherhood of the Crimson Fang

After being trained in an army how to properly fight Cathán started traveling to find his father, to kill. Along his travel Cathán ventured through the mist and came into the Land Between the Lands. Cathán found Mittelmarch and has stayed loyal to them, for this was the first place that truly took him in and didn't regard him being part demon. Cathán will forever be loyal to Mittelmarch and the Brotherhood of the Crimson Fang.

Dorian Prior

Race: Vampire Favorite weapon style: Florentine/Sword & Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Dorian was recently released from an elite assassins' guild known as the Sanguine Syndicate after having been raised there from childhood. On the night of his graduation, he learned of his noble bloodline that stemmed from a prominent, though unknown, Romanian count and his peasant mother. Dorian swore vengeance upon the Romanian court, who were responsible for the assassination of his mother, and left the guild to test his mettle before making the journey back to his homeland. He spends his time in Mittelmarch fulfilling assassination contracts for the guild and aiding Mittelmarch against the Jovian insurgents, though he longs for the day he can return to the Court, find his true father, and inflict final retribution against the rest of Court.

Lady Elestirne
Ally from Artanor

High elf Favored Weapon Style: Florentine-double blue Unit: none Realm: Artanor

Queen of a far-distant and hidden ancient elven-realm shrouded in mystery and protected by magic, Lady Elestirne is a friend of Mittelmarch and an ally at need. Though seen only at odd intervals within the Land she visits when she can or when she is needed and is almost ne'er seen without the company of her mysterious and mystical companion and steed,the silver stallion Olore. Though counted young by her kind she has seen much in her time of walking the earth. A wise and honorable Queen,gifted by foresight and powerful innate healing magic,Elestirne is a fell warrior and a loyal friend.

Fuuma Kotaro

Human Favorite Weapon style: Niten (Florentine), Naginata (Glaive) Unit: Tou Fuu Shogunate

A samurai in the service of Shogun Tatsumura Masamune, Kotaro is no stranger to death. A former mercenary, having fought many times for many lords only for as long as he deemed beneficial, he now serves the Shogun unquestioningly. He will kill - and if necessary, die - in the service of the Shogunate and Mittelmarch.
Giggles the Corrupter

Race: Lich Favorite weapon style: Single Blue Unit: None

Once a spoiled pampered prince, he was exiled to Mittelmarch with his older brother to learn the ways of honor and be renewed. Along his short journey he was nearly consumed by a evil necromancer. Instead he consumed his powers and now wants all of Mittelmarch to match his new unlife.
Squire Gron
King of Mittelmarch
(Masteries: Dagger, Single Blue, Sword and Board, Javelin) (Tests Completed: Flo. 2vs1)

Race: Goblin Favorite weapon style: Sword-n-Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Was a lost Globlin with no direction.  Gron's past is a mystery.  He found his way to Mittelmarch where Sir Nichtmar took him in and made him his squire.

Last year he assembled several allies from far and wide to win the 2010 Lordship of Mittelmarch.

Isen Ehtar

Race: Elven Favorite weapon style: Spear/Bow Unit: Crimson Fang

Isen is the leader of the Crimson fang. From the shadows he used to protect Mittelmarch, but now he has come out into the light to be King.
Kain Elverez
(Tests Completed: Florentine 2vs1)

Race: Human Favorite Weapon Style: Sword and Board, Dual Longswords, or Polearm Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Kain is a new-comer to the area of Mittlemarch, yet seems to have years of battle experience. None have yet questioned him on his motives for being here.
(Masteries: Florentine, Javelin) (Tests Completed: Single Blue 2vs1)

Race: Human  Favored Weapon Style: Single Blue  Unit: unknown

Kyosuke was once known as Bayushi Kyosuke, one of the samurai of Rokugan. He mysteriously arrived in the Land between the Lands at the end of the Jovian invasion of Mittelmarch. As of now, his intentions are unclear, as he has made no clear statement as to what side he wishes to take.

Kyosuke does not have a sense of personal honor. He believes that the "dishonorable" acts he commits for the greater good will be forgiven in the afterlife.


Race: Scott Favorite weapon style: Sword-n-Board Unit: None

Born in Scotland to a Christian father and pagan mother, MacDimm has fought across the fields of Europe and into the Middle East, serving as a captain in the Crusades. Upon return, MacDimm found his village burned and long abandoned. He now wanders the plains of the earth searching for a home and a cause to fight for.

Sir Nichtmar
(Masteries: Single Blue, Blue and Shield, Javelin) (Tests Completed: Red 2vs1)

Race: Ogre Favorite weapon style: Single Blue Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Nichtmar lived on a small isolated island called Torranmar.  An island where the ogres lived in tribes. His was a fishing tribe that lived along the coast.  Nichtmar knew only peace until Vikings destroyed most of his tribe.  He trained with the other tribes before he left for the mainland, Mittelmarch.  It was on his path to Mittelmarch he learned the power of steel.

Race: Shyft Favorite weapon style: Sword-n-Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Raised by simple-minded villagers, Nienna left home when her parents and townspeople alike became enveloped in a savage-like rage. Wandering the lands, Nienna involuntarily discovered her powers when they melded with the mist of Mittelmarch to bring her to the strange land. Since then she has trained to defend her new life, whilst fighting an inner-struggle against the seed of rage planted within her by her parents.
(Masteries: Blue and Shield, Florentine) (Tests Completed: Javelin 2vs1)

Race: Hill Giant Favorite weapon style: Sword-n-Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Once an enemy of Mittelmarch and slave to Karn, a former General of Grish'naks army, Oof found himself lost after the War with Grish'nak. Confused and without home he made his way to Mittelarch and fights with us now.

Race: Human Favorite Weapon style: Bow & Arrow Unit: The Rangers of Ithilien

Orphan of British merchants in Japan who was teleported to the realm by a wizard after a journey around the world which he does not completely remember, now Rojji is in the service of Farimir, Steward to the King, Prince of Ithilien, Lord of Emyn Arnen, and Timmourne Darkwater, Lord Marshall of Ithilien.

(Masteries: Blue and Shield, Single Blue, Dagger, Javelin) (Tests Completed: Florentine 2vs1, Red 2vs1)

Race: Human Favorite Weapon Style: Any Unit: Dragoons

A wandering adventurer and hedonist, Rook was lured to Mittelmarch by the furry Alric and has been stinking up the place ever since...
(Masteries: Blue and Shield, Florentine, Red, Javelin) (Tests Completed: S. Blue 2vs1)

Race: Hobbit Favorite Weapon Style: Glaive Unit: Dragoons

Story unknown.


Race: Human Favorite Weapon style: Sword and Board Unit: None

Suihaden is a human from the crusades, drifting from one world to another. He is under the tutelage and instruction of Greybeard and is a novitiate in the Order of the Hospitallers. Quiet and with a sense of humor, he can lose his temper quickly and go berserk.

Storm Brightblade/ Fuuma Akaruri Arashi

Race: Mostly Human/unknown Favorite Weapon Style: Sword n' Board, Florentine, red, and spear.
Unit: Tou Fuu Shogunate

Storm Brightblade, a Steel Legionaire went on a quest to find his mother on his homeland of Krynn. While on his journey Storm was engulfed by mist and somehow found his way to Mittelmarch. While helping in the defense of Grishnak, Storm had noticed the style of the samurai from Tatsamura Masamune while also seeing a dedication to honor much like his own. Storm then decided to join the Tou Fuu Shogunate to learn the ways of bushido and integrate them with the teaching of the Legion of Steel. He joined the Fuuma clan because he was intrigued with the art of ninjitsu and the Legacy teaches to be an open mind and learn new ways of life and fighting. He now resides in Kyuden Tatsamura along with the Shogunate as the first initiated samurai of the Shogunate.

Jherdar "Stubbie" BloodCarver

Race: Bloody-Cap Dwarf Favorite Style: Sword'N'Board / Spear Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

After being stranded on an island, after his barrel boat was destroyed; Stubbie was found by the mist. He wandered the Lands, now residing in Mittelmarch, helping to rebuild and plan his future.


Tári Tinehtelë

Race: Elven Favorite Weapon Style: Sword and Board Unit: Legion of the Dragoons

Tari learned through her youth the tactics of combat and strength, but her perspective on bloodshed is changed forever when her family dies to the hands of war. She finds Fangorn Forest in hopes of a new life, but after countless village raids and the loss of leaders and friends, Tari leaves the ruined forest behind and rides to Mittelmarch, where old friends could make her feel at peace. Now she lives to protect the city with the hope of avoiding the destruction of another place she calls home.

Torin Drake

Race: Human Favorite Weapon style: Florentine, Sword and Board, Shield and Flail Unit: Dragoons

His past shrouded within faulty memories and half remembered dreams. He woke one day to find himself in strange land. He now wonders the land. Selling his sword when needed. He now calls Mittlemarch his home. There are many he has found to call allies, some perhaps more.

Tatsumura Masamune

Race: Half-Human, Half-Yuki-On-Na Favorite Weapon Style: Red, Single Blue, Niten (Florentine) Unit: Tou Fuu Shogunate

A samurai born from an ancient line of skilled duelist, and the spirit of a powerful shugenja, Tatsumura has seen much and answered to many names in his long life. He has allied himself with the good and honorable denizens of the Land Between the Lands, and lends his support from his base of Kyuden Tatsumura, where he reigns as Shogun of the Tou Fuu Shogunate.
Tigron the Sailor

Race: Human Favorite weapon style: Dual Single Blue Unit: None

A man who loves the sea, he was sent out by his father to learn the ways of honor through sailing. He was called back to keep a eye on his little brother, Giggles. Seeing his brother fall so far he has decided to save him, one way or the other.


Race: Aasimar Favorite weapon style: Bow/Arrow Unit: Defenders of the Land

Originally from another realm in another world, Zalos traveled here by way of death and resurrection. Rescued by celestial forces, he vowed to do good in his renewed life as repayment to those that saved him.


Zigler Robertson

Race: Half-Dwarf Favorite weapon style: Single Blue and Sword-n-Board Unit: no unit as of yet

A Court Bard in the service of the Lord Dugald, Zigler later killed his Lord and proceeded to wander northward with nothing but a pack and a knife. Eventually he was chased into a Northern fog by a Hill Giant and found himself outside a city. Looking around he spied an old sign that read "MittelMarch." Finding 'safety' behind it's walls, Zigler eventually becomes the owner of Cedric's, a lucrative Tavern/Inn where all of the towns populace are welcome to eat, drink, brag, plan, steal from other wealthier patrons, and in general relax. A site of rebellion during the Jovian occupation, it's walls have many secrets and have seen the Rise and Fall of famous and infamous Warriors. It is during this time that Zigler became a member of the Bri'Ark-Duraz, otherwise known as the Brotherhood of Stone.

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