The War Horn Calls You Again!


Mittelmarch announces the 5th annual WAR, a battle with minimum lulls; you want a break, take it yourself, but the battle will keep going. This is an event for people who like to fight hard.

Two teams will go to War. The focus will be fighting, but the objective is to conquer and defend territories along several terrains; bridges, woods, and open field. A herald with a stopwatch for each territory will determine control.



TROLL OPENS: 11am, October 29, 2016 (Day Event)


Paul Ruster Park

11300 E. Prospect Street

Indianapolis, IN 46239

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Save yourself sometime and fill out your waiver before hand. 


• 1.5 hours of game play for 1st and 2nd half (30-minute halftime)
• Teams are balanced prior to the main battle; players must be present during the balancing stage
• Each team is awarded 2 or 3 Valkyries (mobile resurrection points), team size depending; additional  touch-and-go resurrection points are located near your Castle for that round
• A team representative will flip a coin prior to the start of the main battle; winner will choose either the first Valkyrie OR pick which Castle to start on for their team

• Defend your team's Castle (1 pts. /minute)
• Capture Territories (5 pts. /minute)
• Capture the Enemy Castle (10 pts. /minute)

Castle Points
• Valkyries can resurrect their team members inside castle walls, so long as their team has control of the castle
• Valkyries must enter the castle with their team through the castle door; Valkyries cannot “float” through castle walls
• Projectile weapons cannot pass through castle walls; archers can shoot through the doorway of the castle only

• Healing poems must be submitted to weapons check and the fighter will receive a white armband if their poem passes.



  ***Age Restrictions***
• All participants must submit a waiver and release of liability to participate at any Dagorhir events hosted by Mittelmarch
• If you attended Olympics XII (April 2015), your waiver is on file
• Participants 15 years of age and younger are unable to participate in field battles
• Participants 16-17 must arrive at Troll with an adult chaperon of 18 years of age or olders and a notarized waiver, signed by their legal guardian

All vendors need to indicate that they are vending at WAR 2015 by October 10th.